Babler is an influencer marketing expert and pioneer in Finland. We specialize in utilizing bloggers, vloggers and Instagrammers in B2C marketing. Since 2013 Babler and Suomen Blogimedia, a collective of independent Finnish influencers founded by Babler, have excuted over 500 influencer marketing campaigns.

We help our customers to become part of the dialogue with consumers: trusted social media opinion leaders know how to attract their followers and create relevant content. We find the right match for your brand, create concepts and execute content marketing collaborations with our bloggers. Different forms of collaboration are for example brand, product and service recommendation, awareness and coverage, user activation, product testing and development as well as events.

Our services

  • Influencer marketing strategies, campaign planning and execution with top Finnish social media influencers
  • Consumer insight and collaborative planning with consumers and influencers
  • Content creation for clients’ own channels
  • Display advertising


Contact us

Pekka Harjunkoski

+358 50 599 0079